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Michael J. Even, Owner

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"We really appreciated the great service when we called with furnace trouble!  Thanks so much!!"

- John and Julie Z.- Amana, IA

"The guys did a fantastic job-Thank you!!"

- Bryan H- Amana, IA

"Thank you so much, I am enjoying the “heat”!! Merry Christmas!"

- Marybrent D.- Cedar Rapids, IA

"Wanted you to know that I think your guys are the best.  Very nice to work with."

- Penny B.- North Liberty, IA

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Thank you Michael J Even and Oehl Plumbing Heating for your pronto speedy service on our AC this week! And your technician Josh was very courteous and treated us like we were his only customer of the day... Even though I knew he was swamped! You guys are so COOL!

- Susie Cooper‎


We received the papers for the rebate applications and mailed them out today. Thank you for all of your help and the way you organized them helped us so much. Thanks again.

- Kate & Brandon S- Amana, IA


The guys did a fantastic job-Thank you!!

- Bryan H- Amana, IA


Thanks for the great help on the rebate forms!  It really made the process quick and easy.

Hope your Holidays are warm and bright!

- Michael S.- Cedar Rapids, 6 year customer



A few days ago I had problems with my Carrier furnace.  Your company sent Rodney, a repair technician, to analyze and correct the problem.  I just wanted to comment on the point that Rodney is the nicest, most helpful technician that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!  I have, over the years, had several appliances repaired but no one has ever been so honest and straight forward as Rodney.  Mike, you have a very valuable employee there.

Thank you!!


- Mike S.- Coralville, IA


Thank you for sending out those Air Bear filters so quickly!

- Mike S.- SE Cedar Rapids, IA


We really appreciated the great service when we called with furnace trouble!  Thanks so much!!

- John and Julie Z.- Amana, IA


Wanted you to know that I think your guys are the best.  Very nice to work with.

- Penny B.- North Liberty, IA


The Boiler is working GREAT!  Thanks Again!!

- Amy M.- Hills, IA


Thank You!!

- William & Julia L.- Spirit Lake, IA


Thanks for taking such great care of us!!

- Mike S.- Iowa City, IA


Everything is working to perfection and we are warm and cozy.  The utility bills we now get are worth the effort, however, saving close

to $40/mo. on average!!  Thanks again for the follow up!

- Gary and Diane B.- Iowa City, IA


Thank you for the service on my furnace at my rental home.

- Irene B.- Cedar Rapids, IA


Thank you so much, I am enjoying the “heat”!!

Merry Christmas!

- Marybrent D.- Cedar Rapids, IA


I am so fortunate to have found you all to care for all my needs. The quality, service, courtesy, timing response to calls has been something I have never experienced, especially after hours and emergency call.

This last part with fixture – Daniel and Jason were extremely great & courteous. Daniel especially coming back after work to help correct a small issue so impressed me.

I wanted you to know how much you all are appreciated – valued and I thank you and I trust your recommendations and efforts.

Please let everyone know what I’ve said – you are all a great team. THANK YOU ALL.

- Joann S.- Iowa City, IA


Hi Mike –

Just wanted to let you know that we are extremely happy to have this new energy efficient Amana AC – it is performing perfectly and with this super HOT month it feels good to know we can be confident with our purchase. It’s sure nice not to hear that old “groan” from our former unit as it shut down!

Appreciating Your Product –

- Don & Mary B.- Iowa City, IA



Just needed to let you know how pleased we were with our experience of having our AC fixed on July 20.  When other companies were not able to get us into their schedule for several days, I called only to find the very caring pleasant voice tell me Oehl’s tech could be there soon.  Dan called within an hour and shortly after wards he had the problem fixed.  By noon our house was cooling down and our faces were once again smiling.  We will definitely put your company’s name at the top of our list for heating, cooling repair.  A special shout out goes to Dan who was so personable and professional.  You are lucky to have a great young man like him working at Oehls!!!


- Lynn C.- Cedar Rapids, IA


Last night we came home to a warm house, 76 degrees. Which is not good thing since I have terrible allergies (basically, anything that is green outside) so opening windows isn’t a good option for me and on top of allergies, I also have asthma, so anything above 72 degrees makes it really difficult for me to breath, that’s why our thermostat is set on 65 degrees, 24/7/365. So a controlled environment is something that I really need 24/7. My husband called early this morning (before 7 am) & Oehl was able to get a service tech. out to the house TODAY a whole day earlier than scheduled. Our Bryant furnace & A/C has been trouble free for over 11 yrs. & we do annual check ups, but wasn’t able to get this great of service from the company that installed the unit. So, you know who we’ll be calling from now on “Oehl” is #1 in my heating & cooling needs. Thank you very much. I should be able to breath easier & sleep tonight.

- Suzzan

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